How We Can Help

What PSW Can Do For Your Uniform Shop

Let PSW Supply Your Shop

Our wholesale sales department is committed to satisfying the needs of schools who want to maintain their own uniform shop and related functions. With a dedicated sales department we have the infrastructure and sales support in place to help you run your shop and your keep your $$ in the school community to fundraise for school projects.  Our unique Stockline range makes ordering easy – garments always in stock – ready when you want them, for quick delivery.

Benefits of Wholesale Include:

  1. School makes profit which are kept within the school
  2. Dedicated Account Manager for each school
  3. Internal customer service to assist with all enquiries
  4. Fast delivery of stock for all orders
  5. Extensive product range to select from
  6. Customised order forms
  7. Online ordering facilities available

Retail – Let PSW Manage Your Shop

Take away all the hassle by having PSW supply and manage your uniform shop. PSW will handle all aspects of sourcing, supply, and delivery of your uniforms through to promotion and sales to the customer.

Run Your Shop On-Campus or at One of our Outlets

Your school uniforms can be supplied either at your on-campus location or through one of our retail outlets throughout Australia. Each retail outlet has convenient shopping hours, great customer service and a dedicated section of the shop for your schools uniform.

Benefits of Retail Include:

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