Quality Control

We Take Quality Seriously

Since 1990 we have built our reputation on delivering quality products through service excellence. We know students are tough on their schoolwear. That’s why we’re even tougher on the quality of our products. PSW products are tested, inspected and inspected again before you receive them.

Information Regarding PSW’s Sourcing Processes

PSW has a vertical sourcing and manufacture operation meaning we can control our entire supply chain. We employ over 200 staff in our own facility in Ningbo China where we have constant and regular audits by the Chinese and Australian Governments. Our facility is ISO rated, we have obtained ISO9001 (which is quality assurance) and ISO14001 (environmental standards).

We abide by the labour standards established by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in relation to human rights and environmental sustainability at all stages of our supply chain. This code of conduct extends to our own factory and any of the 3rd party vendors, factories and sub-contractors. Furthermore PSW is a signatory to the Australia Fairwear Program, a community campaign which addresses exploitation of home-based textile and clothing workers in Australia.

At PSW we take all reasonable steps to ensure the goods we produce are safe and not harmful to our customers. We meet all legal standards for consumer health and safety, our fabrics do not have any chemical products added, and we test for Azo Dyes and Formaldehyde. We adhere to the European coloration standards which meet the highest levels of harmful or toxic substances.

PSW has an in-house quality assurance team. We ensure all products are colour fast and durable so that we are catering for the wear and tear, and laundering of our products throughout the school year. We are confident that given our dedication to quality raw materials, any PSW school wear you purchase will be of the highest quality all around the world.

PSW is ISO Compliant

All products manufactured by PSW have been recognised as being compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. This means we have been externally audited to ensure we meet the recognised worldwide standards in manufacturing consistent, good quality products and services.

How our team ensures perfection:

Because we are so passionate about quality, where this is a question over an item of clothing it will be inspected personally by our Technical Director - our team isn't happy unless you are!

Ethical Production Policy

At PSW, we are committed to ensuring our garments are not only produced to the highest standards, but that local and international ethical trade and labour conventions are observed at our production facilities. Our policy requires that:

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