The Company

Since 1990 PSW Pty. Ltd. has been one of Australia's leading direct-to-school suppliers of quality School Uniforms for primary and secondary schools. We aim for students to be proud to wear their uniform and to look and feel good doing so. PSW has built its business on the delivery of 5 key core concepts to our customers:

  1. Unsurpassed quality products
  2. Quick delivery
  3. Extensive product range
  4. Value for money
  5. Valued relationships with our customers

We've always worked on very simple principles - the same, the same, the same! That means absolute consistency in everything we do including quality, colouration, sizing, service levels, delivery patterns and careful consideration to styling and design.

We pride ourselves on the quality of garments we offer while keeping up-to-date with children's needs. Hence the double-stitched seams, reinforced knees on pants and the heaviest fleece available. All garments are made with children in mind so that uniforms are hard-wearing and long lasting while being comfortable and fashionable.

PSW Mission

Our mission is to create schoolwear customers who are so satisfied with the range, quality, service and value that they will choose PSW brands as their first preference and will recommend them to others. PSW Pty Ltd is in the business of putting smiles on the faces of (parents and) students.

PSW Vision

The PSW focus is for the company to be known, respected and valued as the preferred choice by ALL school clothing decision-makers within primary schools, schoolwear retailers, parents and their school-age children.

This will be achieved with the persistent application and commitment, throughout the company, to the following values:

  1. We will set the standard in providing the highest quality schoolwear garments and best quality back-up service (including the fastest stock-line delivery service and effective communication with customers) within the Australasian schoolwear industry.
  2. We will ensure absolute consistency in all operations relating to our customers - same high quality product, the same fast delivery service and the same effective communication strategies - EVERY time.
  3. We will develop, grow and nurture long-term relationships with all our customers, strategic partners, suppliers and staff.
  4. We will consistently work to further educate our customers to make informed choices, that will best satisfy their needs and wants.
  5. We will be a profitable organisation, giving security to our customers, strategic partners, suppliers and staff, for the long term future.
  6. We will further develop a culture that supports staff development and encourages and rewards passionate, excellent and efficient performances from them.
  7. We will continue to become an innovative systems-based organisation forever naturally evolving.

In essence, we care about our customers, staff, strategic partners and suppliers.

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